Publication and Dissemination Strategy

Status of Dissemination and Outreach

Most outreach activities to stakeholders have been scheduled for years three to five of the project and planned to progress with the rate of incoming data and subsequent synthesis. However, extensive sensitization of the general rural population, fishermen, traditional authorities and opinion leaders have been ongoing from the start of the project via activities of WP3 (fisheries), WP4 (land use) and WP5 (livelihoods) in the 24 riparian communities. Fourteen key government ministries and agencies, regional and local government authorities have been served with project briefs officially informing them about the project. The project brief features a project summary, relevance, project objectives, expected outcomes and outputs, funding, work packages, partners, research plan, capacity strengthening and dissemination strategy. Stakeholder meetings have also been held with key NGO’s and environmental groups. Project information is disseminated to stakeholders via a project website. A review paper has been published in FAO Nature and Faune Journal: “Mensah et al 2019.  Sustainable Ecosystem Services of Lake Bosumtwi – implications for Livelihoods and Food Security”  

FAO Nature & Faune Journal Vol 32, Issue 2: 58-61  https://www.relabproject.uenr.edu.gh/Downloads/Lake_Bosumtwi_Nature_Faune_Journal_Vol_2.pdf