PhD Projects

PhD / MPhil studies involved in RELAB

Four (4) PhD Studies are supported:

  • PhD study on the effect of climate forcing on lake physics, biogeochemical functioning and primary production (involved in WP1)
  • PhD study on fish biology, fish production, fisheries management and effect of climate change on fish populations (involved in WP3)
  • PhD study on development of empirical models describing fish production as a function of stratification, nutrient and primary production dynamics (involved in WP3)
  • PhD study uses remote sensing and SWAT model to investigate watershed-wide land use patterns in response to fisheries decline and its effect on the lake water quality through sediment erosion and nutrient transport (involved in WP 4).

Four (4) MPhil studies are supported:

  • MPhil study on assessment of the status of zooplankton community structure and abundance after a decade of lake warming (involved in WP1).
  • MPhil study on exploring strategies for effectively communicating climate change issues to the rural communities to promote effective climate change adaptation strategies in the context of fish resource decline (involved in WP5).
  • MPhil study on assessing local governance and climate change adaptation of the rural communities in the context of fish resource decline (involved in WP5).
  • MPhil study on gendered-perspectives on livelihood vulnerabilities and adaptive strategies to climate change in the context of utilization of lake resources and fisheries decline (involved in WP5)