Project Partners


University of Energy and Natural Resources (UENR),

Department of Fisheries and Water Resources
P. O Box 214, Sunyani, Ghana


Responsible Institution


Dr. Peter Sanful

Dr. Yaw Boakye Agyeman

Prof. Emmanuel Opuni-Frimpong

Dr. Mary Antwi

Project Coordinator of RELAB Project – University of Energy and Natural Resources (UENR)

Dr. Peter Sanful


+233 -20975 5818

+ 233- 24 4955821

Aarhus University

Department of Biosciences, Denmark

Danish Partner

Dr. Dennis Trolle

Dr. Torben Lauridsen

Dr. Thomas Davidson

Dr. Hans Thodsen

Dr. Anders Nielsen

Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research (UFZ)

Department of Lake Research, Magdeburg,Germany

International Partner

Dr. Karsten Rinke

Dr. Bertram Boehrer

Dr. Tom Shatwell 

University of Ghana, Legon

Institute of Environment and Sanitation Studies

Department of Marine and Fisheries Science

Local Partner

Dr. Adelina Mensah

Prof. Francis Nunoo

Dennis Trolle (AU)

Thomas Davidson (AU)

Mary Antwi (UENR)

Peter Sanful (UENR)

Karsten Rinke (UFZ)

Bertram Boehrer (UFZ)

Anders Nielsen (AU)

Francis Nunoo (UG)

Torben Lauridsen (AU)

Adelina Mensah (UG)

Emmanuel Opuni-Frimpong (UENR)

Thomas Shatwell (UFZ)

Hans Thodsen (AU)

Yaw Agyeman (UENR)