WP6. Knowledge Transfers

Lead: Peter Sanful (UENR, Ghana)
Co-lead: Dennis Trolle (AU, Denmark)
Adelina Mensah (UG, Ghana)

The project will focus on strong engagement with fishermen and riparian communities to facilitate the translation of scientific information and research outputs into sustainable fishing and land use practices with the involvement of other key stakeholders. Scientific information obtained will be used to promote sustainable watershed and fisheries management through a variety of avenues, including workshops (which will coincide with the annual projects meetings in Ghana), seminars, conferences, scientific papers and community education campaigns. Looking beyond the timeframe of the project, the knowledge and competences acquired as part of the project may ultimately help establish the basis for a watershed and fisheries management agency in Ghana.

Main Deliverables

Ø      Build local capacity in sustainable lake and fisheries management

Ø      Dissemination of results via project website and other media

Ø       Facilitate local and external networking

Task 6.1:

Build local capacity (through hands-on workshops) to facilitate the adoption and
application of lake models and scientific research outputs in the sustainable
management of the lake.

Task 6.2:
Develop technical and scientific materials to influence policy and management
of the lake and facilitate community engagement (including posters, a
documentary and radio interviews)

Task 6.3:
Scientific publications, conferences, seminars.

Task 6.4:

Facilitate local and external networking through annual meetings and social media.

Task 6.5:

Create website and database for stakeholder access to facilitate strategic decision-making.