RELAB Project interacts with researchers and climate science experts at UENR

RELAB Project interacts with researchers and climate science experts at UENR

Shielas Executive Hotel,Sunyani
7 Dec 2018

As part of our dissemination activities, the RELAB Project organized a seminar to engage the academic and research community of UENR to communicate the objectives of the project and to share ideas about current issues in climate science research.  Key activities involved presentations and technical discussions.

Key participants:

  • RELAB Project Team (Project Coordinator, WP leaders, WP members, students)
  • Registrar
  • Dean, School of Natural Resources
  • Dean, School of Engineering
  • HOD, Fisheries and Water Resources
  • HOD, Chemical Sciences
  • HOD, Forest Science
  • HOD, Environmental Management
  • Lecturers from various Schools and Departments
  • Teaching Assistants
  • Visiting Researcher from University of Presov, Slovakia
  • University Chaplaincy


  1. Presentations:

  • Project Overview: research questions, project objectives, outcomes, outputs, methodology, partners, capacity building (researchers, students and technicians) and dissemination strategies.
  • Work Packages: objectives, tasks, activities, outcomes, outputs and deliverables
  • Student Research Proposals: research synopsis related to PhD/MPhil studies
  1. Technical Discussions:

  • Expert inputs on key research questions and outcomes
  • Review and inputs into student research proposals
  • Knowledge sharing and exchange of ideas
  • Exploration of various strategies to maximize output from stakeholder engagements
  • Strategies to provide holistic and effective academic supervision of PhD/MPhil students
  1. Outcomes:

  • Understanding of overall goals, expected impact and relevance of RELAB Project on climate science, sustainable management of lake, fisheries and livelihoods within the Bosumtwi watershed and development agenda for Ghana.
  • Knowledge sharing in climate science research among experts and non-experts.
  • Knowledge of research grants programmes offered by the Danish Government through its Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA), Danish International Development Agency (Danida) and the Danida Fellowship Centre (DFC).
  • Strategies and roadmap for effective education and timely completion of PhD/MPhil studies.
  • Promotion of scientific discourse within the UENR academic and research community.
  1. Learning Experiences:

  • Involvement of the wider University community in the RELAB Project.
  • Inputs from experts stimulated the Project team to gain new perspectives on project delivery.
  • Interdisciplinary exchange of knowledge
  • Creation of platform for continuous engagement of the wider University research community throughout the project life cycle.


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